"Painting doesn't mean just describing, it's a state of spirit."—Caryl Churchill As a graphic designer, I spent years trying to capture the essence of a product or service and communicate that message with immediacy.


I've traded designing on the computer for paint, but the goal of my work is very much the same.  I try to communicate the feeling of a place that captures my attention. I am struck by the blueness of a coastal cove, the energy of a field or the intensity of a sky.

My painting is becoming less representational, but I can't give up on the subject matter completely. I'm in love with so many features of the Maine landscape—white pines and fir trees, marshes, mountains, the beaches and tides, fields, lupine, and especially those iconic little islands that are sprinkled along the Maine coast. I forego a lot of detail and look for the composition, patterns and shapes that intrigue me.  And I'm obsessed with color. Often it's a color combination that motivates me to start a painting.


Though I start with photos, the painting takes on a life of it's own. The highest compliment I receive (it always gives me goosebumps) is when someone describes how connected they feel to a painting. That is what success sounds like to me.

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