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As a graphic designer, I spent years trying to capture the essence of a product or service and communicate that message with immediacy.


I've traded computer designing on the computer for acrylic paint, but the goal of my painting is very much the same.  I try to communicate the feeling of a scene that captures my attention. I am struck by the blueness of a coastal cove, the liveliness of a field of flowers or the intensity of a sky.  Often it's the memory of a color combination or the strong composition in a landscape that first attracts me. Though I start with photos, the painting takes on a life of it's own.


My pet portraits are approached with the same goal in mind--to evoke a feeling and communicate the personality and spirit of the animal.  I find beautiful nuances of color in the blackest labrador or the whitest cat. The eyes are the most important element of the painting. When i get that right, I feel a connection with an animal I've only met in photos.